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The Harrison Clinic was opened by osteopath, Melina Harrison in 2003. Melina’s aim was to open a multidisciplinary clinic second to none. The atmosphere should be friendly and relaxed and the clinical care exceptional.

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How can we help you?

The Harrison Clinic is founded on a concept of complete health. We’re here to help you with every aspect of your wellbeing.

It's about balance

We work with you to help you achieve a sustainable balance of your health and you everyday life.

Health from the inside

It’s about more than just muscles – we can advise you on every aspect of a healthier life!

Keep active your way!

Exercise is personal – let us help you find your best level for a healthy, active life!

Never too young...

The Harrison Clinic welcome’s patients of all ages. Optimal health is for all, no matter what your age!

...and never too old!

As health professionals we understand the physiology of ageing in detail. Let us help you stay healthy at any age!

Whats in a name?

  What exactly is ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’? The title Sports Masseur suggests to many people a rather painful experience (sometimes) which can only benefit people who undertake specific rigorous activity. While this may be true (as in the Cyclist Massage), it is only a...

Cliveden House host The Harrison Methodology

I am thrilled to have been invited by Cliveden House to speak about my Wellness Methodology over a beautiful lunch on Thursday 17th May. Cliveden is a stunning 5* National Trust Country House and I am delighted to be presenting my work at such a beautiful venue. This...

The Harrison Clinic Open Day Tuesday 13th March 9.00am – 8.00pm

Come and join us at The Harrison Clinic on Tuesday 13th March for our Spring Open Day. We are offering completely FREE, No Obligation advice on the day on a wide range of health issues. Our team of practitioners will be on hand to explain our Wellness programs,...

Acupuncture and Cancer

Acupuncture is used to treat pain and some other symptoms of cancer as well as the side effects of cancer treatment. Western medical acupuncture is a modern interpretation of acupuncture based on scientific research. Treatments are given following a medical diagnosis....

As dry January draws to an end, how did you do?

  If you didn’t make it, let’s kick off with a positive; The amazing Dan Buettner who explores the globe for National Geographic, found the four areas of the world where the inhabitants have the longest lifespans. From this research his work, How To Live To 100 - Nine...

With the Australian Open in Melbourne upon us you may feel inspired to pick up your racket! Understanding Tennis Elbow By Melina Harrison

What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis Elbow is clinically known as lateral epicondylitis. It causes pain on the outside of the elbow. It usually occurs after overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, for example when playing tennis.   Symptoms of Tennis Elbow. What...

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