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The Harrison Clinic was opened by osteopath, Melina Harrison in 2003. Melina’s aim was to open a multidisciplinary clinic second to none. The atmosphere should be friendly and relaxed and the clinical care exceptional.

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How can we help you?

The Harrison Clinic is founded on a concept of complete health. We’re here to help you with every aspect of your wellbeing.

It's about balance

We work with you to help you achieve a sustainable balance of your health and you everyday life.

Health from the inside

It’s about more than just muscles – we can advise you on every aspect of a healthier life!

Keep active your way!

Exercise is personal – let us help you find your best level for a healthy, active life!

Never too young...

The Harrison Clinic welcome’s patients of all ages. Optimal health is for all, no matter what your age!

...and never too old!

As health professionals we understand the physiology of ageing in detail. Let us help you stay healthy at any age!


Volunteering is a wonderful way to offer your time to help others. The benefits to you include utilising your skills or learning new ones, meeting new people, challenging yourself, making a difference to your community and others lives, benefiting your mental and...

Child Nutrition Talk

Our Nutritionist Phoebe has recently hosted a Child Nutrition talk at a local school educating the parents about children’s portion sizes, strategies to increase vegetable intake, the nutrients that shouldn’t be missed and tips to deal with fussy eaters no matter what...

Prevention of Skiing Injuries

To many, skiing is a dangerous sport, and, to an extent it can be. There are several things we can do to mitigate against injury however physical preparation just like all activities, skiing can be arduous. The more physical preparation you can do before hitting the...

Time to Talk Day

  1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year. Today is #TimeToTalk day which encourages us all to get talking about mental health. Find out how to start a conversation here https://youtu.be/jrdWyftmQMk

Could you have Raynaud’s?

Raynaud's is a common condition affecting up to 10 million people in the UK. If you often have cold hands or feet, could you be living with this condition? Take the test here http://ow.ly/eBS750kkhEK #raynaudsawareness #raynauds

How a physio can help with postural weakness

Postural weakness, generally, is often caused by weak core muscles. This could be due to poor posture, repetitive positions and daily tasks such as prolonged periods of sitting at a desk. Postural weakness can present as aching in the back and shoulders, especially...

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