Physical activity is so very good for you. We’ve all grown up knowing 20 minutes of cardio vascular exercise three times a week is great for us.


Yep, there is always an excuse!

Health club’s rely on the fact that eventually you won’t attend anymore (but still pay the fee’s and carry the card around, just in case).

My huge recommendation is; try everything until you find the thing you love. If you hate the gym, admit it, and try something else. And be adventurous.

This is what some of The Harrison Clinic Team do to keep active;

Melina –  Competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing

Carol – Trampolining

Alex – Walking

Rosa – Yoga, Walking

Tom – Playing all sports

Vicky – Running, Pilates, Dog walking

Naomi – Triathlons, Half marathons, Horse riding

Jeremy – Running, Cycling, anything outdoors

Julia – Running, Yoga, Meditation

Kate – Gym

Marie – Salsa dancing, Yoga