As health professionals we understand the physiology of ageing in detail. These are hard facts.

So why do some people age so well and others don’t?

The answer to this is complex. It involves genetics, environment, culture and a whole host of multi factorial layers. Some of these things we can’t change and some we can.

At The Harrison Clinic we have seen that lifestyle and outlook play a big role in how people age. Patients who continually try new things, are open to new ideas, are more active and who maintain an average body mass index tend to enjoy retirement to the max.

Wise words from our team;

Carol says, “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching!”

Melina Says “One of my most memorable patients was 92. She had pulled a muscle in her back doing the hoovering. It wasn’t really that painful so she just wanted a check up. We were chatting though out the examination and she told me she had taken a trip in a sea plane from Sydney Harbour for her 90th birthday. She was a charming lady in fabulous health. I asked her what her secret was. She replied by saying ‘I’ve spent a lot of time doing things I love’. I’ve never forgotten her”