neck-massageLet’s say you have woken up with neck pain. We are sometimes keen to blame the bed or the pillow, but this is rarely the true cause.  You have slept on that bed hundreds of times without problems. So why has your neck which has worked painlessly for decades suddenly decided to do this?

The answer is to look bigger and understand that the body works as a unit.  Your body has almost certainly been struggling for a while without letting you know & it is now unable to adapt and is calling out for your help.

Imagine your spine is a company. You have 24 vertebrae (let’s call them workers). For your spine (or company) to work well all the individual vertebrae (workers) need to function well. Occasionally a vertebral segment locks up (ie. a worker is ill) and that means the vertebra above or below now has to work harder.  Similarly, you may have experienced doing two jobs when a colleague is off sick or on holiday.

All this strain now causes more vertebrae to struggle (other colleagues to fall ill), and suddenly you are doing too much work and, you too are screaming to go home.  That’s what your neck is doing.  It’s hurting because it’s now working too hard!

Treating only your neck may not totally solve the problem as the root cause of the problem started a long way from there.  An extreme example of this is I have successfully treated people with neck pain that has originally come from badly functioning foot mechanics.

Osteopaths are trained to look at the body as a whole. So next time you feel pain, ask your therapist what is really causing it.  Then get your whole body moving and start feeling better!