Myofascial Release (MFR) is a comparatively new soft tissue treatment modality which is becoming more popular.

Fascia is the all-pervasive network of connective tissue which connects each component of the body so giving it it’s structure. It surrounds and intertwines the muscles, organs, nerves, bones, blood and lymph vessels.  It’s a bit like a 3-dimensional string bag (but I think of cling film) And just like a string bag it gives depending on the forces applied to it.

Tom Myers in his book “Anatomy Trains” has mapped out some of these major force lines in the human body which help and support the body in it’s movements. Problems come when the fascia gets stuck so not allowing the usual movement and support. A restriction in one part of the body can lead to pain in another. You can see how this can translate into restricted muscle movement and maybe neural pain. There are various theories of how fascia becomes ‘stuck’.

It turns out the fascia has the strange property of being able to change state from a “sol” to a “gel” this allows an easing of the fascia and a release of fascial restrictions. This change is what the trained therapist uses during a treatment. The treatment itself is slow and gentle and can be local (over an injury site) or global (tapping into the fascial train of the body). The results are long lasting as treatment has gone beyond mobilising joints and stretching muscles.

If you think this treatment could be of benefit to you give us a call and we will arrange an appointment with Simon for you.