Neringa Gedvilaite

Neringa GedvilaiteSports Therapist

Neringa Gedvilaite BSc(Hons)

Neringa Gedvilaite gained a first class honours degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Kent after three years of intense training. Neringa has always had a great interest in sport so her degree provided her with a vast knowledge base to work in the area she loves.

Neringa has developed a wealth of experience by treating many athletes across a spectrum of sports. Recently, she supported ten athletes to run from Canterbury to Brussels and Amsterdam. The Cants2dam ultra-marathon consisted of 300 miles divided over ten days. Neringa treated and managed any injuries picked up along the way with massage, stretching and taping. She motivated the team through the tough times. She has also worked at the London Marathon 2014, Trampoline & Tumbling David Ward – Hunt Cup International Open 2014, the Reading half marathon 2015 and many other events to give pre and post-event treatment and provide first aid to the competitors.

Neringa is from Lithuania where basketball is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. So it’s no surprise that she is passionate about watching and playing basketball as well as treating basketball players. She has worked with the Kent Crusaders basketball club and after moving to Reading she has started working with the Reading Rockets basketball club as well as the Reading Rugby Football Club.

As a sports therapist, Neringa has an outstanding experience in sports massage which involves a number of different techniques such as deep tissue and myofascial release. However, sports massage is not the only thing you can expect from a sports therapist. Another important aspect is assessing and diagnosing sports injuries as well as creating rehabilitation programmes specific to each patient. With these skills, she is able to guide the patient to a speedy recovery and to help achieve excellence in their sport.

Besides participating in sports, Neringa loves photographing nature and wildlife at the National Trust sites across the UK and enjoys music festivals during summer.