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The Harrison Clinic was opened by Osteopath, Melina Harrison in 2003. Melina’s aim was to open a multidisciplinary clinic second to none. The atmosphere should be friendly and relaxed and the clinical care exceptional.

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How can we help you?

The Harrison Clinic is founded on a concept of complete health. We’re here to help you with every aspect of your wellbeing.

It's about balance

We work with you to help you achieve a sustainable balance of your health and you everyday life.

Health from the inside

It’s about more than just muscles – we can advise you on every aspect of a healthier life!

Keep active your way!

Exercise is personal – let us help you find your best level for a healthy, active life!

Never too young...

The Harrison Clinic welcome’s patients of all ages. Optimal health is for all, no matter what your age!

...and never too old!

As health professionals we understand the physiology of ageing in detail. Let us help you stay healthy at any age!

Fallen off the ban wagon

In my option this saying needs to be banned! January was full of media campaigns promoting unhealthy weight loss, extreme dieting, health drinks, unrealistic exercise goals.. You name it January had it! Now we have entered February all I’m seeing is “fallen off the...


Most of us have scars on our bodies. Many of these don’t cause us any discomfort or restrictions and are just part of us, telling the story of our lives. However, some scars cause residual pain or restrictions in movement. Some may have lumps and bumps or dips in the...

Preventing ski injuries

It’s that time of year when keen skiers hit the slopes. Here are some tips on helping to prevent ski injuries… 1) Be prepared! The more physical preparation you can do before hitting the slopes the better. Work on strength and endurance in the legs, glutes and core....

Everyday causes of pain

Muscle weakness One of the most common issues is just weakness of the muscles that support the lower back. So many of us are sedentary for long periods of time during the day and muscle mass reduces rapidly when it isn’t being used. These supporting muscles act as a...

Time to Talk Day

As today marks Time to Talk Day, a day to focus on mental health but also to encourage listening and understanding. If you are struggling to talk to those closest to you seeking help from a professional counsellor may be for you. http://ow.ly/gPMq50yfmxk #TimeToTalk...

Raynaud’s Awareness Month

February is Raynaud's awareness month. Common symptoms include colour change in the extremities such as hands or feet, cold extremities and numbness, tingling or pain Do you suffer these symptoms. Take the test here: https://www.sruk.co.uk/raynauds/raynauds-test/...

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