road-runnerLast December I started thinking that I needed to do some exercise. I was feeling unfit. I thought running would be good, it was free and it takes place outdoors. Brilliant! I used to run when I was younger and I remember the exhilarating feeling that I’d get after running, not to mention how energized I was.

I then reminded my self that that was 16 years ago, pre children. Just by chance, a friend who is an avid runner mentioned she needed some motivation so asked me to join her. I couldn’t say no. But silently I was scared of that first run. I kept thinking,”How many times would I have to stop? How painful is it going to be? Am i going to slow my friend down, she’s a runner who, without fail, participated in the Windsor half marathon yearly, not to mention the 10km runs in between.

So what happened? My first run was 3miles in 29 minutes without stopping and I chatted the whole way!!!! Easy! I couldn’t believe myself. I haven’t stopped running since.

I did, however, develop knee pain, a common problem with runners. But I had it seen to immediately by one of my lovely colleagues at the clinic. I had some osteopathic treatment and took her advise and voila! Problem resolved. I’m not a huge running fanatic, but I love it. I look forward to it. I’m currently running 16km a week and am aiming to up that to 24km a week. I’ve signed up for my first 10km race and am really looking forward to the buzz and the crowd. I know I will need some additional treatment in order to keep me in good shape for the event, but that’s ok. My car needs a yearly MOT, so does my body!

I hate to think what I would have done had I not seen my osteopath! I probably would have given up had I not known that a few simple exercises and some treatment to release the built up tension in my thigh would fix the problem.  I’m not one to give up. Nor am I going to let my body give up.

I look forward to my next run.