mother-daughterEverybody is talking about Pilates these days. It may be your friend
raving about their amazing new class or the national papers talking about
how Pippa Middleton got her beautifully pert bottom for the royal wedding!
If you are thinking “maybe I should be doing Pilates?” but don’t know where
to start, look no further.

At the Harrison Clinic we are now offering one to one Pilates lessons with Vicky our Physiotherapist.  Vicky has a special interest in Pilates and holds the APPI Pilates qualification.

So, who is Pilates for?

Men, Women, Mums, Teenager’s to 100+,  Elite athletes to the elderly and arthritic

So, everyone really!

What does it do for you?

Improve core strength, Improve flexibility, Improve posture, Improve balance and control, Improve muscle efficiency, Relieve back pain, Relieve postural aches and pains, Helps to prevents injuries, Improves performance in running, golf, pole dancing, (whatever your thing is)

So, why do Pilates at The Harrison Clinic

Because our sessions are 1:1

Because your instructor is a Physiotherapist

The programme is only about YOU,

The programme is only about YOUR goals

The programme is only about YOUR body

Pilates really works for everyone so if you want to improve your golf swing, have more energy for the kids, offset the ageing process or have Pippa Middletons butt………………

Book your personal session with Vicky and start making changes now!

Pilates sessions cost £42 and run for 45 minutes.

Contact Reception on 0118 976 2253 or reception@harrisonclinic.co.uk