vegReading man explains; “After years of trying and trying and failing and failing, I have found the perfect fool proof way of achieving permanent weight loss and it’s actually saving me money!!!”

He goes on to say;

“As a kid I seemed to be naturally fit!! This has always confused me and has been hard to understand. After all,  I never attended the gym then and personal trainers weren’t invented!  On top of that, I seemed to waste a lot of my time hanging around the garden climbing in trees or aimlessly kicking balls around. 

Food was OK but I’ve  got to admit it was no where near as tasty as it is now,  I mean my mother thought an apple for desert was a good idea!!!! 

But by the time I became an adult and I am not totally sure what happened, but once I stopped growing up it seemed I started to grow sideways. Well I suppose the body naturally wants to grow and it has to go somewhere? But then after several years I found this extra growth was becoming a nuisance. Simple tasks became more of a challenge and my arms seemed to be shorter???? At this point I became concerned as my body enthusiastically kept on growing. Most of my friends had stopped growing (in all directions) years ago.

This is when I started on my journey to find the perfect body solution. 

Now, I am not a scientist but it appeared to me that more was going into my body than was coming out! But why? 

Looking deeper at it, there seemed to be a natural cycle here. One that evolved around eating and producing waste (sorry). By investigating this, I discovered there was more to food than it just tasting nice!!! It appears your body uses some of it for energy (petrol in car scenario) and any spare food it puts away (on the shelf, so to speak) for that rainy day when the take away cant deliver.

So as I say, I am not a scientist and I don’t want to dazzle you…………. but this is where I came up with my scientifically balanced;

E.S.L Diet.  

It involves looking at what you you eat 

and……………..changing that to………………

Eating…. Slightly…. Less………(ESL)

The science goes deeper than that because the ESL Diet works but even better, combined with my unique;

G.Y.B.O.T.S. activity program

This involves;

Getting. Your. Bum. Off. That. Sofa. (GYBOTS)”

The combination of ESL and GYBOTS has given stunning results for Reading man. Normal activities are now easy and strangely his arms seemed to have grown to the correct length again. 

Reading man now calls himself a proper scientist and appropriately hopes to publish his findings in The New Scientist magazine when the editor returns his phone call!

By one of our lovely patients