The Harrison Clinic
The Harrison Clinic
The Harrison Clinic

Our Lovely Patients

I bumped into a patient and his father recently and was charmed to hear what they had to say. The 15 year old patient called Aaron is an all round sportsman, playing for his school, Leighton Park in all sports. However, his exceptional abilities lay on the cricket...

Season’s greetings

I know it seems like it’s dragged on forever, but I honestly think we’re nearly through it… I’ve seen a few spring flowers popping up and wiping the sleep from their eyes and perhaps even more excitingly, I’ve had a couple of runs wearing shorts rather than...

Regress to Progress

I am currently suffering with the most debilitating sports injury that I’ve had in a couple of years.  After taking a heavy fall in my sport of inline hockey I now have all sorts of issues that have forced me to take a step back and rethink my rehabilitation and...