I am currently suffering with the most debilitating sports injury that I’ve had in a couple of years.  After taking a heavy fall in my sport of inline hockey I now have all sorts of issues that have forced me to take a step back and rethink my rehabilitation and training schedule.

During movement our bodies must create stability in order for mobility to be allowed.  When injured, a lot of the time core stability is compromised resulting in painful movement.

In order for me to get better and to get back to training and doing the things I love to do, I need to regress.  This means that not only do I require treatment for my injury, I need to cut all movement back to the basics so my body can find centre once more and allow me to do the grand movements required for my training and sport.  My rehab will include what’s known as primal movements and by primal I’m talking about the movements we see babies doing.  You will see me regressing to simple rolling, crawling, sitting in a squat position and sitting up from a lying position.  All of the wonderful unadulterated moves that we see young children doing on a daily basis.  I’ll be doing this (alongside treatment) to give my body a chance to repair and function at low levels of stress before progressing to more demanding movements.


When injured it is important to acknowledge that it’s ok to back off for a while.  That doesn’t mean do nothing, it just means to allow regression in order to help you progress in the long run.  Pain and injury isn’t necessarily going to set you back for life, sometimes all it takes is perseverance, a little tlc and the right treatment and regressive movement.