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The Harrison Clinic
The Harrison Clinic

Broken Bones

A very good friend of mine broke her knee this week. It’s a bad break and she’s been told she won’t work for at least three months, the recovery will take at 2-3 years and that most likely it will never be the same again. She’s devastated and so am I: she’s my...


I am really enjoying the brighter nights and pleasing weather we are currently having. However, I am aware that for hay-fever sufferers this will often be a time when they  have to  start preparing for some potentially debilitating symptoms including itchy and runny...

Clinical Director Consultations Now Available.

Consultations with our Clinic Director Melina Harrison, are now available.  If you would like to consult with Melina and have her design and oversee your treatment program, she is now offering weekly clinics.  This is of particular benefit to new patients who are...