aaronThe Harrison Clinic is delighted to announce that Aaron Shewring is joining the team. Owner of the clinic Melina says, “ I was impressed with Aaron as soon as I heard of him and wanted him on my team. His skill level and meticulous approach will fit in perfectly with our clinics approach. I am very excited to have him on board.”

Aaron graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a ‘Masters in Osteopathy’. He is a member of the British Osteopathic Association and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Aaron grew up in Bristol and at the early age of seven found a passion for martial arts. It was his dedication to martial arts that took Aaron to the far East, living for two years in China and training full time. On his return to the U.K. Aaron entered the world of competitive martial arts (in particular the Filipino martial arts). Between 2008 and 2011 Aaron competed regularly at National and International levels, fighting for the British team and winning the European championships three times in a row. In 2010 Aaron won gold at the World championships in Mexico, an experience that changed his life forever. Since then Aaron has continued to train at a high level, teaching martial arts classes and bringing several students up to compete at a national standard.

His passion for training and self-development shone through during his career in personal training, as Aaron helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals. Although the fitness industry offered in depth and varied courses for further development (including pre/post natal exercise, core stability and GP referral consultant) Aaron soon found himself drawn to the world of manual therapy.

Working as a Sports Massage Therapist gave Aaron the chance to see how his knowledge and experience in the fitness industry could influence and further enhance the treatments he was able to offer clients, however it was training to be an Osteopath that really allowed Aaron to explore the potential that manual therapy has to offer. Aarons’ main strengths lie in his ability to uniquely assess every individual, mechanically and functionally in order to appropriately and effectively apply Osteopathic techniques. As well as using Osteopathic manipulation, Aaron is qualified in Advanced Medical Acupuncture (also known as ‘dry needling’) as well as Electro-acupuncture which he often integrates into his treatments, something his patients have found to be very effective.

On a more personal level, Aaron takes pride in the achievements of his patients. He is dedicated to his profession and to the development of Osteopathy. When not practicing Osteopathy or training martial arts, Aaron can mostly be found strumming his guitar or planning his next camping trip.

Aaron says, “I am delighted to be joining The Harrison Clinic and feel privileged to have this opportunity to work alongside such a fantastic team of practitioners”.

Aaron’s first clinic is on Wednesday 25th June and bookings are now open. As well as his standard clinics he will be available in the evenings and Sundays for your convenience.