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cropped-HC-logo_strap1.pngShrek: For your information, there’s a lot more to ogres than people think.

Donkey: Example?

Shrek: Example ….. Uh…. Ogres are like onions!

Who’d have known, that much like Shrek, us normal folk are also very much like onions.  No we don’t stink, we all have layers, lots and lots of layers!  The number of layers that you have will have a direct result on your health and wellbeing.  In physical pain?  I’m pretty sure you will have some decent layers that need peeling away.

Each and every time you undergo some form of trauma, like a bang to the head, a broken bone or a surgical procedure, your body and mind create another layer for your metaphysical onion.  Your onion layers are present all the time whether you like it or notice it.  These onion layers stack on top of each other until one day you might feel pain.  Rightly so you seek help for this new pain and you may present yourself to myself or one of our other lovely practitioners.  Sometimes I wonder how well received it would be if I rebranded myself as Joff Brown – Professional Human Invisible Onion Layer Peeler.  I’m not sure that name would stick.

Here’s the crux of it.  Your layers relate to individual changes that have taken place in your body over time.  Maybe 10 years ago when you fell off your bike onto your left side, your brain remembered this and for a short time while you recovered, forced you to live more on the right side of your body as protection from the trauma.  But say you don’t relearn to come back to the left side of your body as much again.  Then what?  Well for one thing you have a mighty thick onion layer to peel away.  Your centre of mass would have changed and your interaction with the ground every single step of each day will have changed.  The way your hips, spine and head line up (ie your posture ) will have changed as well even if only fractionally.

Let’s say on top of this bike accident, you had a hernia operation where the scar didn’t heal all that well initially. As a result of some thick angry scar tissue, your body’s ability to fire your abdominals effectively has been affected.  Bam!  There’s another onion layer for your brain to become aware of.

When you come for treatment, we practitioners are here to help you unwind and unpeel those layers until we together are able to find that one layer that might just be at the root cause of your pain.  If we are lucky enough to find the right one, hopefully you’ll leave with your body a little closer to centre.  With a hefty unseen pile of onion layers left on the floor behind you, each step becomes lighter under less weight of this burden and a new consciousness might be found.

Remember, you (like Shrek) are an onion.  Your layers are important and can have fascinating yet crucial links to other layers.  Everything is relevant.  Anything, no matter how small it may seem to you at first could be that ultra-vital onion layer that, once unravelled could be the difference between pain and no pain. Between performance and hindered performance.

So ask yourself, how big of an onion are you?