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Practitioner: Physiotherapist Vicky Mynott

Title of course/Subject: UK Lower Limb Specialists 2015

Date: 18th September 2015

Venue: The Ageas Bowl, Southampton

Organiser: Health Education Seminars

Lecturers/Key note speakers: Functional Hip Mechanics in gait, running and rehabilitiation by Mr James Moore M Phty (Manips), Bsc (Hons) MSCP, CSCS

Vicky’s thoughts:

James gave us a detailed lecture on the importance of hip movement, strength and control in normal gait and running. He also looked at how dysfunction or weakness lower down the leg may slow rehabilitation.

He demonstrated with case examples how a restriction in range of movement in either the painful hip or the opposite hip can restrict normal walking and running patterns causing a change in the way the muscles function and control movement. For example a weakness in the gluteal muscles which extend the leg behind you can cause a change to the way the foot leaves the floor during walking, or even on how the foot lands during the strike phase of gait.

The loads that are put through the leg during walking and running are very large and for good, injury free function we need the strength and endurance to sustain it.  As an example of this if an average male weighing 80kg ran 10k, with an average stride length of 1.5metres, will put 500 metric tons of force through your legs. Yes 500 tons!!! Do you have the strength and endurance for that?

How this can help Harrison Clinic patients...

If you are having any trouble from walking around the shopping centre to training for that 10K, why not let Vicky see how she can improve things for you?