calf-massagePractitioner: Vicky Mynott

Title of course/Subject: UK Lower Limb Specialists

Date: September 18th 2015

Venue: The Ageas Bowl, Southamptom

Organiser: Health Education Seminars

Lecturers/Key note speakers: The Reality of Lower Limb Rehabilitation and Reconditioning by Mr Nick Grantham MSc, CSCS, ASCC Performance Enhancement Specialist

Our thoughts:

Nick gave a great lecture on trying to prevent lower limb injuries, he gave used the analogy of Supervillains versus Superheros. The Supervillain being the challenge that presents clinicians of lower limb injuries, thinking themselves to be the centre of attention and wanting all the focus on themselves, and the superheros being the clinicians who are fighting the lower limb injuries, trying to prevent them and get people back to full function after incurring them.

As the superheros we need to provide a combined approach. Looking at the whole body from the  anatomy, biomechanics, hormones and neuromuscular perspective, and taking into account that one size doesn’t fit all.

From a reconditioning perspective Nick believes that it is important to build muscle size, which will improve strength, which will in turn improve power and therefore improve functional capacity and performance.