veg2At this time of year many of us are thinking about the year ahead. This brings with it things we’d like to do differently moving forward and the idea of new year resolutions. Improved health and wellbeing is the most popular ‘resolution’ by a mile. Breaking this down further, the ideas of healthier eating plans and more activity/exercise, again, top the list.

I am no exception to making these resolutions. I get very excited by the idea of the “new me” and fall in love with how fabulous I’m going to feel by January 31st. So the results are a done deal! Who doesn’t want to truly love salad, wake up full of energy (the type thats lasts all day) and be two sizes smaller? Me Please!!!

It’s the journey there though, isn’t it? Bit tricky!!! If we could just wake up like that because we wanted it SO badly it would be great. But we have to change stuff to get those results and that isn’t always easy.

Healthy eating is often described as depriving ourselves and exercise is just physical torture! Right?

So that brings me to why I’m writing this little blog. Recently I read a short paragraph that really helped me. It was presented in a slightly “over spiritual” way for me but the essence of it was excellent.

It gently suggested that we regard healthier eating and activity/exercise as acts of kindness to ourselves/our bodies and definitely NOT punishment.

Perhaps thinking of each glass of water and each piece of fruit as something lovely that nurtures our bodies (because in fact, it really does). Each step on that power walk as giving strength to the machine that is our body. Considering the time we use exercising as a treat to ourselves, genuine “me time” used wisley. And make this ‘me time’ an important priority. Push you’re limits gently, be kind to yourself. No body wants to do something again if it hurts ‘that much’! Get out of the front door to exericse under all circumstances, the ideal ones do not exist. Our bodies deserve it and will love it!

Maintaining a healthy life style is all about mind set. We will never continue to do something we really don’t like, it’s just not human nature. Maybe the idea of healthy eating and exercise being an act of kindness to our bodies rather than punishment will strike a cord with a few people, it certainly did me.