Family FunParents! I’m talking to you.

Is this the time you are saying ‘my life as I know it is on hold’? ‘My regular routine is not happening until September 7th, then I’ll need another week to recover’ etc?

Hot tips for you

So the school holidays may prevent you going to Pilates each week, it may mean ice cream and chips are more regular food items, however… this is also an opportunity to switch things up a bit.


When your child wants to be pushed on the swing for the 85th time, think of it as exercise. Really work your body to make sure they have a blast. Pull the swing, push the swing and use your core to create the high thrills for your little one. Let them say stop, not you!

Play physical games in the garden on the beach, wherever. Make an Olympics course together and put your all into doing those challenges.  Play rounders and try to win! You won’t by the way! Kids are great at rounders these days.

Walk to the shops with your child. Put your trainers on and enjoy it, stop off at the park. Have a running race with them. Count your steps together. Look around at nature and connect them with the world around them.

When they have baked a cake and destroyed your kitchen, clean it up with high energy, get out of breath with the mopping! Take the trash out as a weights exercise, heave that bin bag into that wheelie bin. If you have 25 bags of shopping in the boot of the car and no one in the house wants to help you unload it, FABULOUS! What a great opportunity to get some exercise into your day. Embrace it! Do some lunges with the shopping bags in your hand down the hallway! Plus, it’ll embarrass the kids too!

So what’s my point? Instead of feeling exhausted at the thought of the summer holidays, let the summer holidays be a continuation of your wellbeing plans or even better the start of them.

No gym memberships were harmed in the writing of this article! Happy active summers everyone.

Melina, Clinical Director of the Harrison Clinic