If you are thinking that you might want to make some health, lifestyle or wellness changes in 2018 read on.

Do you want;

A total shift in mindset

A personalised wellness program

A full nutritional assessment, consultation and bespoke eating plan.

A realistic, personalised exercise plan co-created with you.


Introducing The Wellness Method.

Melina Harrisons extensive work as an osteopath and clinical director who has diagnosed and treated many thousands of people who are in varying degrees of physical dysfunction led her to question something. A simple question, relevant to many of us.

When there is a plethora of good, free ‘healthy lifestyle’ information available to us why don’t we read it, put it into action and stick to it?

Google, the NHS, corporate health programs and many great organisations provide endless, free information about how to be healthier, fitter, lighter, stronger etc. Perhaps the amount of information is overwhelming (hold that thought)?

In the coming weeks many people will make new year resolutions to do things differently in 2018. However, despite the fact most are intelligent, determined individuals the chances are for a percentage of people things may not go to plan.

This is exactly where The Wellness Method starts. That connection between the desire to improve health and wellness and actually doing it so that changes become permanent.

Through years of clinical experience, research, expert input and practical trials The Wellness Method was created.

What is The Wellness Method?

A collection of strategies’ that help people build, demonstrate and utilise a mindset of wellness resulting in the implementation of daily wellness practices.

What is wellness?

The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

What is a mindset?

The established set of attitudes held by someone.

What is a mindset of wellness?

Establishing and maintain a set of attitudes and actionable behaviours, that are concerned with actively perusing the best health and well-being possible.

What is The Wellness Methods Intension?

The Wellness Methods intention is to, offer a variety of information, processes, strategies and skill development, to help clients achieve their most optimal well-being.

Who is The Wellness Method for?

Anyone interested in achieving optimal well-being. Men, women, professionals, seniors, teens, couples, families, work place.

The Wellness Method empowers clients to consciously make wellness choices in all arenas of wellbeing. Wellness choices are made in a practical, doable and sustainable way, enabling the choices to become habit, facilitating a permanent healthier life style.

The Wellness Method provides targeted education and practical steps making changes immediate and realistic. Clients welcome the infinite possibly of wellness available to them and can move towards this without delay.

Whether clients need to drop weight, get fitter, eat healthier, manage stress, improve energy levels, feel calmer, balance moods, find purpose in life, connect with self and others, improve sleep patterns or just feel better, The Wellness Methods practical approach will provide clients with strategies, practices and processes that support their journey to total wellness.

What is The Wellness Method comprised of?

The Wellness Method is based on the simple premise that mindset governs the health-related choices individuals make. How a person sees themselves in relation to wellbeing has everything to do with the choices they will make regarding their wellness.

Above all else wellness is a personal choice taken every day.

Based on this, The Wellness Method provides clients with intuitive thinking, planning strategies and practical processes that support all facets of wellness choices. The Wellness Method is designed to move clients from unconscious behaviour patterns and habits that do not serve them, to a conscious responsibility for all health choices. This method empowers clients consciously live in wellness.

In addition, clients receive a full nutritional assessment, consultation and bespoke program. Clients will also be part of creating their own daily exercise program. Sleep patterns and rest time will also be overhauled.


Five hour core method one to one – £500

The core method can be delivered at The Harrison clinic, via Skype or at a location of your choice.

Five hour core method for groups – POA

Once the core program is completed adjunct programs are available

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