What exactly is ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’?

The title Sports Masseur suggests to many people a rather painful experience (sometimes) which can only benefit people who undertake specific rigorous activity. While this may be true (as in the Cyclist Massage), it is only a small part of the job. But the title may put people off the therapist’s services, believing that they do not fall under the “rigorous activity” category and so is not for them.

What used to be called Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy has been changed by the governing body, the Institute for Sports and Remedial Massage (ISRM), to Soft Tissue Therapy to better identify the true nature of the qualification. To go with this new title comes a definition to help people

understand what the soft tissue therapist can do.

” A therapist who can work independently to Assess, Treat and offer Rehabilitation advice for people suffering a wide range of minor and chronic injuries caused by any lifestyle factor. As well as treating the injury they aim to identify the underlying causes and offer more long-term improvements in physical wellbeing” (ISRM).

In short, if you are suffering from aches and pain caused by injury, poor posture or stress/emotion please consider the treatment offered by a Soft Tissue Therapist. Of course, if you want a massage, that’s available as well!