Running is an accessible sport open to most people and is a low-cost way of keeping fit. In the wake of the Great North run, the world’s largest half marathon and with marathon season approaching it may be time to dust off those running shoes. Maybe the Great North Run is your target for 2019, running in the footsteps of its founder who was inspired to run in the Bay Race in New Zealand in 1979 and decided to bring the half marathon to New Castle. It now has over 1,200 runners and attracts world classes competitors such as Sir Mo Farah (who won for the fifth time this year) and Vivian Cheruiyot, and you can be part of this wonderful event.

With the leaves on the trees turning and the days drawing in we are all draw to staying indoors, eating wholesome foods and staying a little bit more snuggled on the sofa at home. But now is the perfect time to get out and run. The temperature is not as uncomfortable as it was during our wonderful summer, and the ground is starting to get a little softer, so conditions are perfect.

If you are a seasoned runner busting off your shoes then you’ll know your body can be a little ache for the first couple of runs after a break. So, take it slow and enjoy the scenery until your body as adapted. For those who are putting on their running shoes for the first time, take it slow and enjoy being out in the open air. It is not a race and putting pressure on yourself to run at a certain pace or run a certain distance is not going to aid your level of enjoyment, which at the end of the day is what it is all about. Challenge yourself in a nice way, reward yourself for your runs and accomplishments and plan each week with 2-3 runs for best effect.