Image may contain: foodHave you tried to change habits, sugar, alcohol, diet after diet, exercise after exercise and had all the best intentions but you don’t seem to be getting to where you need to be? There may be something you are overlooking, accessing the true power of our mind. Many decisions that we make are made using the subconscious part of our mind, so amazing is it that it carries out our actions without us giving it any thought at all.

This is great when go through our everyday action, but what about when we want to change habits, or lifestyle or thought processes? It can be frustrating when conscious thought and will power alone keep failing, it’s also pretty exhausting. When we want to change certain aspects of our life we have to dig deeper, we have to go back to WHY we were making the decisions and behaving the way we are in the first place and by doing this we are then able to set ourselves onto a different path. The best way to do this is with Hypnosis. Studies have found that people who used hypnosis for habit and behaviour change and also for weight loss were able to lose twice as much weight as those who followed diets alone, they found that hypnosis was responsible for people improving their eating habits and giving them improved body image.

So why use hypno you ask? People that I have seen have come to me as a last resort, they have tried everything, and they put it all down to willpower failing. The key to hypnosis being so effective is it not only encourages more willpower, but it also rewrites the associations of certain behaviours therefore changing how you act at a subconscious level.

If you’re interested in changing for a better 2019 come see me, let’s work together using the awesome power of your mind, to create the person you want to be. It’s no magic pill, or wand waving, it’s no hollywood tv drama, its simply relaxation you are aware and in control the whole time and together we will be accessing the mind and using the resources you already have to help you move forward. Hypnosis is about simply changing the way you have been associating or viewing certain behaviours to achieve the outcome that YOU want.

Rachel Charters, Hypnotherapist

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