Image may contain: 1 person, standing, snow, outdoor and natureThings you will need to change about your running in cold weather.

1) Warm up indoors before you head out as your muscles will need longer to warm up if you do it outside plus you will start your run with nice warm blood flowing.

2) You will need to change your routine a bit. It stays darker later in the morning and gets darker earlier in the evening, so you’ll want to consider running during daylight hours, such as your lunch break or getting lights and/or reflective gear to keep you safe.

3) It’s going to be colder. You might encounter ice or at least slush so consider swapping your shoes for ones with treads and don’t forget some warm socks!

4) Just because it’s cold you will still need your water bottle. If you are exerting yourself as much as usual, you will still need to drink to your thirst. You will still sweat so think about moisture absorbing materials and wrap up. Just because you may feel hot making sure you are covered up will ward off the wind.

Enjoy your runs!