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t’s great to strive forward but sometimes it’s exhausting. How about we all stop putting that pressure on ourselves and enjoy the here and now? Enjoy just what we have no matter what that is? Positive feelings, positive thoughts can be really hard when you feel tired or run down. It’s more important then as we start a new year and the mornings are dark and it can all seem bleak that we start to feel positive in ourselves. We have no control about what is around the corner but we have control of how we are going to feel today.
We are going to ignore the feelings we have associated with January and the post Christmas blues, we are going to start feeling better about ourselves and enjoy the anticipation of a new year ahead.

The feelings of negativity we have associated with Mondays, to January’s, to post Christmas blues are stories that we have created and tell ourselves. Do you ever hear a child on the playground saying “oh I have the January blues?” No because they live in the here and now and enjoy life as it is. As adults we have forgotten how to do this. We have conditioned ourselves to start to feel like that and before we know it we are creating the reality for it to be that way. It’s the same thing that we tell ourselves when we can’t do something or we won’t be able to cope with something. We create self-limiting beliefs and they can bring us down and before we know it we have inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Taking time out for yourself to relax to get back in touch with who you are and what your own goals are is so important. We neglect ourselves all the time, yet we expect ourselves to be running at top performance. Our bodies and our minds become jaded and run down. This is when its time to stop and take time out. You wouldn’t put a high performing car out in the rain to rust and only put low budget diesel in it and expect it to do what it needs to? So why do we do that to ourselves?

Taking time out and relaxing allows us to be the best we can be, It allows us to channel what we really want from life, from others and importantly how we are going to go about it.

Just like believing January will be rubbish because its January, just like believing we can’t do that job, or publically speak, or fly on a plane, we feed ourselves self-limiting beliefs all the time and eventually believe them.

No more! Hypnotherapy can help battle against all these things. It can help you explore the mind to engage with what you really want.

The benefits of just relaxing can go on far beyond that very moment. You are creating a state of mind that is able to be more open. Hypnotherapy can help with just pure relaxation to help get your mind in the right place to deal with whatever comes your way. Hypnotherapy can also help if you’re feeling low, anxious or suffering from self-limiting beliefs. Our mind is a powerful tool, we ultimately choose our paths and our feelings. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and come away thinking oh they are so positive, I wish I could look at it like them? Well you can. You have all the answers within you, we all do. Let hypnotherapy help you discover these feelings, help 2019 be the best year yet.

By Rachel Charters.

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