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Swimming is gentle on the joints and works all the muscle groups providing a full body workout. It can aid mindfulness allowing busy minds to relax and enjoy being in the moment, some people find the repetition of swimming lengths has a meditative effect. It is a good form of cardiovascular exercise suitable for all ages. Most areas have lovely local pools with a variety of swim times available to suit busy schedules.

We tend to be creatures of habit doing the same workouts, classes and daily habits. Our brains and bodies can get used to our routines and they thrive on change, adding in some swims or doing a swim after usual exercise is a great way to add in some variety.

If you are returning to exercise after an injury walking in the pool as well as swimming, adds in resistance and aids recovery. If you haven’t swum since those scary school days trying to make floats out of pyjamas and diving for bricks- a skill that I bet no one has ever needed! most local pools have lessons for children and adults and will get you confidently swimming in a few weeks.

If you are already a swimmer or find it boring there are many on line resources to provide plans and fun drills with paddles and flippers to add in variety and improve your technique.

As the weather warms up there are some local lakes that offer a safe environment to try out open water swimming. It can be wonderful to feel the silky water around you as you watch the swallows give a free air show around you in springtime.

Our cranial Osteopath Lisa Harris learnt to swim 2 years ago and adds a warning that it can be addictive !

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