Track cycling is exactly that, cycling that is raced round a track ranging in distance from about 200 to 400m. The races themselves can be a short sprint or, longer endurance style. Tracks can be inside or outside and have banked corners to allow the cyclists to retain speed. The bikes are specialised with a single fixed gear and no brakes! The top riders can reach speeds of 60kph.
All of this adds up to an exciting and exhausting sport. Once the races are over, recovery is the key to optimal performance.

According to British Cycling’s own website, massage is one of the key elements in recovery. It ‘can increase blood flow, correctly align muscle fibres and scar tissue and reduce tightness’. It can also work like an MOT, flagging up areas that may be a potential problem. We can’t all afford a daily, or even weekly, massage, but try to get one in during the recovery phases of your training.

If you’re a cyclist or think a massage can help you, please call for an appointment or book online. Simon uses Galius Sport massage cream as used by the Movistar team. So not only can you feel like a pro, you can smell like one too!

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