Did you know that there’s no actual definition for the word superfood.?
In fact the word superfood is a marketing term. The EU has even banned the use of the word on product packaging unless the claim is backed up by convincing research. The problem comes down to most individuals wanting to believe that a single food will help cure or prevent a disease or illness and sadly that’s not the case.
Let’s use the alphabet as an example. If I say letters B,D,J,M,P,Q,T and X are all super letters (superfoods if you like) and have amazing properties, you can’t just use these letters to form a sentence it wouldn’t make sense. You need the whole alphabet, all the letters to form sentences and to communicate effectively. The same goes for your diet. We all need a variated balanced diet, so our gut and brain to communicate effectively, this in turn will help keep our body healthy and build a strong immune system to help fight disease and illness.

Blueberries are high in Vitamin C
Its true that some foods are more nutritious then others but this all depends on what nutrients you are looking at. For example a blueberry is often classed as a superfood due to its high level of antioxidants, however if you look at vitamin A, a blueberry is low in this vitamin but very high in vitamin C.
Take Home Message
When it comes to keeping healthy its bet not to concentrate on any one food in the hop it will work miracles. Consuming a well-balanced and varied diet will ensure you consume all essential nutrients in order to keep your body strong and healthy. Limiting your alcohol, saturated fat, sugar and salt intake as well as reducing your intake of processed foods is also a major factor into your bodies health.
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