Regular soft tissue therapy can have a beneficial effect on the body, both physically and psychologically. Many clients find it can help to relieve them from everyday stresses and strains. With modern life as it is – high stress levels, pain from poor posture, no “me”time – massage can be a way of re balancing this.

For permanent relief there will need to be a lifestyle change, though for most people this is unlikely to happen. Unfortunately, a 30-minute blitz at the gym is not going to compensate for 8 hours sat at a desk!

This is where a regular massage can be part of a modern lifestyle balancing strategy. Known as a maintenance massage, a regular massage can elevate some of the negative aspects and act as an MOT of the body, finding out where problems may be lurking and making clients aware of them before they become an issue.

Frequency is dependent on the client, but, anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks seems to bring the required benefits.

So, if you’re struggling to balance activity with the modern working practices consider a regular massage as part of your strategy.

Simon Abbott

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