Summer is around the corner and that means one thing, BBQ’s! However with more and more individuals choosing a vegan lifestyle hosting a BBQ or going to a BBQ could cause a bit of anxiety due to the majority of BBQ food being meat or vegetarian options. So here’s 6 vegan BBQ options for everyone to try;

Image may contain: food1. Barbecue Tofu
2. Chickpea Burgers
3. Cauliflower Steaks
4. G
rilled Aubergine
5. Potato Salad
6. Vegetable kebabs (Roasted Peppers, Onions, Courgette, Mushrooms and more)

These options are not only delicious but provide a variety of nutrients and high-quality protein. These options are also a great way to cut down red meat intake and for children to increase their vegetable intake.

Enjoy! Phoebe Wharton