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Bloating: the ins and outs

Firstly it’s important to remember that eating will always cause some sort of stomach distention which is a normal part of life. Bloating can be one of those frustrating side effects that can really occur in anyone. It can be used by simply swallowing too much air!...

Looking after number one

Our incredible Lisa 6 months after a car accident, I got back to participating in a triathlon on Sunday. A combination of osteopathy and counselling, as well as gently getting back to exercise has helped me start to feel more like me again. I also had specialist scar...

Core Strength

Core Strength is the key to efficient pain free function. Our core muscles form a cylinder of muscle around your lower back and your abdomen. They comprise of your diaphragm, on top of the cylinder, your pelvic floor which forms the underneath of the cylinder and a...