What’s not to like about Bike to School Week? The weather’s beginning to warm up with daylight at the beginning and end of school, so no more excuses.

Benefits include:
– Increased calorie burning – great considering the obesity challenge this country is facing. Resulting in         healthier children (also for the adults that may be forced to accompany their children).
– Exercise before school – shown to improve concentration at school and increasing the fitness of our kids.
– More physical movement – vital for a healthy lifestyle.
– Less traffic – decreasing harmful emissions which can be a cause of asthma as well as other illnesses. Also  decreasing the emission of greenhouse gasses.
– More cyclists put pressure on local government to provide better and safer cycling friendly provisions, which    in turn will encourage more people to cycle.
–  All in all, Bike to School Week can be a positive experience with wide ranging benefits.

Contact your local school for details and events.

Simon Abbott a keen cyclist himself offers specialist Cyclists Massage at the Harrison Clinic


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