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Today’s world can be busy and stressful, many jobs involve sitting down commuting to work, sitting at a desk for long hours or doing repetitive physical jobs. This can impact on men’s physical and mental health.

There are some simple steps for men to stay healthy;

• Doing activities different to work life, from organised activities to walking more, kicking a ball around or bike rides with friends and family.
• Trying to stay away from screen time at home.
• Getting involved with cooking, making simple meals to take to work rather than relying on expensive coffee and generic shop bought food .
• Taking time to see friends and loved ones keeps bonds close and makes it easier to talk about any worries or problems before they become overwhelming
• With longer daylight hours take time to enjoy being outside exploring local areas getting back in touch with nature
If there are any lingering health worries do seek help from your GP or book in to the clinic for a check over