Reflexology is a natural, holistic and non-invasive therapy that helps the body achieve and maintain homeostasis, it’s natural state of balance. Reflexology helps the body engage its own self-healing processes on a physical, emotional and energetic level and has been practiced for thousands of years across the ancient and modern world. Reflexology has a rich and fascinating history with roots in many far-reaching ancient traditions from Ancient Egypt, China, India, South America and Native American America – all referencing the importance and connection of our feet to healing and connection to earth and spirit.

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Reflexology works on the premise that our feet and hands are a microcosm of the body with all organs, glands and structures mapping to corresponding reflex points through a system of zones and energy channels, addressing all the main systems of the body. In addition to the feet and hands reflexology can also be applied to the face and ears.

A specific pressure technique is applied to the reflex points and a ‘reflex response’ is generated that may be physical and non-physical. One may experience changes in temperature, changes in emotions: feeling the need to laugh, cry or sigh. Feeling of being in a deep meditative state or on occasion falling asleep. One may experience visualisations, different tingling sensations across the body or feelings of some pain and discomfort over specific reflex points. Reflexology is suitable for everyone, from newborn babies to those receiving end of life care and everyone in-between, I also offer specialised treatments for Fertility and Pregnancy.

It is very common to feel very relaxed and peaceful at the end of a treatment and continue to feel the beneficial effects into the following days. Reflexology is wonderful for relaxing the body and mind and promotes a feeling of well-being, reducing feelings of pain, stress and anxiety.