1 – Make sure you select freshly prepared foods which have been thoroughly cooked.

2 – Ice in drinks is easily forgotten. Always request ‘no ice’ unless you are in a country where you know the water is safe to drink or they show you they are using purified water.

3 – If you can peel all fruit and vegetables to remove surface bacteria.

No photo description available.Even following this advice, you may sometimes get caught out. This may be due to food not agreeing with you, climate or water change, change in eating habits and routines, or possible contamination. Keep Aloe Vera in your emergency box. Aloe Vera is both very soothing to sunburns, and can cleanse and soothe the digestive tract.

When you get home your tummy may be weak and your body potentially tired after illness. Make time to rest and restore your balance

Have a healthy and Happy Holiday!