One of the issues as an osteopath we can be presented with is a pain response known as ‘catastrophizing’.

This is a situation in which a patient can fear the worst outcomes of their pain and start to develop fear avoidance patterns with their daily activities anticipating an increase in pain levels and potential disability.

In extreme cases this can result in physical deconditioning, depression, as well as disability from work, recreation, and/or family activities. There is also evidence that fear avoidance is closely related to increased pain, physical disability, and long-term sick leave in chronic pain patients.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeupWe have all heard people say ‘once you have back pain you will always have back pain’ which just isn’t true. These powerful messages are a real hindrance to progress and until the full facts are known should be ignored.

Osteopaths and physiotherapists are often the first point of contact patients have when managing pain and we are trained to determine whether the back pain is due to mechanical causes or whether referral is necessary for further investigation. We will liaise closely with your GP to ensure the most appropriate care is received.

Our job is about enabling you to do the things you want to do, to determine the cause of your pain and how we can work together to manage get the best result we can.

Jane Greenshields

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