Massage is one of the oldest healing forms known to mankind. As a child, if you fell over and hurt your knee, were you told to ‘rub it better?’ The power of touch has many healing qualities and has been used in such a way to bring about pain relief throughout the ages. Nerves are stimulated to send ‘feelgood’ signals to the brain, making us feel better.

Various terms are used to describe massage – sports massage, soft tissue therapy, deep tissue massage, remedial massage, relaxing massage – but all are based on the same principles. It is the communication between the nervous system and the muscles which ultimately allows the muscles to relax. A good understanding of anatomy and physiology of the muscles by your therapist allows the treatment to be an intelligent and effective one; it is not greater amount of pressure applied that ultimately brings about the best results it is the body allowing the muscles to relax from within. A good rapport between client and therapist is most beneficial in getting the best from any treatment.

Whatever type of treatment you seek they should all offer help towards alleviating aches and pains or niggles you may be suffering from. A relaxing massage offers you a bit of ‘me time’ and time out from the hectic life we often found ourselves caught up in.
Discuss with your therapist and the session(s) will be tailored to your individual needs.

Appointments can be 60 minutes or 30 minutes, with the initial appointment generally needing a bit longer to allow for a thorough consultation to understand your situation fully.

If you’ve been considering booking a massage, why not call the clinic for your first appointment. I look forward to seeing you.

Joanne Hendrie-Henderson
Sports Massage Therapist
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening clinics

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