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With a bank holiday weekend ahead, you may be thinking about spending a little more time on your sporting hobbies.

Golf is a popular sport (there are over 2500 golf courses in the U.K) and a great way to get fresh air and gentle exercise, but injuries can occur.

One of the most common golfing injuries is back pain due to the huge forces being placed through the spine during the swing. Preparation and warm up is crucial if you want to avoid injuries.

Often the lower back can be weak due to compensation for stiffness in other areas of the spine such as the thoracic spine (between the shoulder blades). If the neck is stiff again more rotation is required of the spine to follow the path of the ball once hit.

Another area of compromise for the spine is the hips and knees, if there is restriction in the hips then a lot of secondary stress can go to the lower back.

At the Harrison Clinic we can provide a full assessment of the spine and hips to help you understand your areas of weakness and provide suitable treatment and exercises to minimise golfing injuries.

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