Balance issues can be due to a variety of factors which may include for and ankle problems, ear, neck, visual and confidence issues.

Cranial osteopathy may be able to help with a full case history and examination to establish any underlying causes.

You may have been unaware that you have had a virus, which can affect the inner ear. This could be Menieres disease, vertigo or labarynthitis usually diagnosed by your Doctor or specialist.

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Cranial osteopathy is a very hands on gentle treatment aiming to work through contributing restrictions. These are often in the jaw, neck, shoulders, collar bones, diaphragm, face and skull. Treatment is aimed at restoring function of these areas, helping the ears to drain and decompress which often helps in recovery.

Balance and stability exercises are often given to aid rehabilitation.

Call the clinic to discuss your needs and whether treatment might be able to help you.

Lisa Harris

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