There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it can be a matter of personal choice or depend on the discussions you have with your therapist.

You may be having the treatment either before or after a specific event which you have trained for, therefore it could be a one-off, pre or post-event single massage. However, if you are training seriously for an event it would be a very wise move to schedule a few treatments before the event and leading up to it, so you can get to know your therapist and know how your muscles react to the treatment.

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If you have a specific injury, in conjunction with any other rehab programme you have been given, you could include a regular massage to complement this. The treatments could be one or two weeks’ apart initially, and then as your rehab progresses, space the treatments out. You might then decide to have routine ‘maintenance’ massages following on from this, which could be every 4 – 6 weeks to prevent any injuries recurring.

If you notice you have a few niggles or twinges having an initial sports massage might prevent these issues becoming full-scale injuries. Your sports massage therapist is qualified to assess your situation and treat, and subsequently offer home advice in order that you can successfully manage your own situation; whether it be occupational, postural or due to ‘over-use’ syndrome. This would probably require a few sessions after which you should feel confident enough to know you could book back in in the future should the need arise.

And finally, you may just like a bit of ‘me’ time and book an occasional massage as a treat, for a bit of relaxation or to help unwind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the clinic and discuss with us.

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