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Worried about back pain as you age? You’re not alone!

Back pain is a globally recognised issue that affects as much as 84% of people at one point in their life (Balagué, 2012). Despite back pain affecting people of all ages, many of the changes that take place in the body associated with aging such as weakening bones, slowed healing and shortening discs actually increase our risks of injury and developing back related pain.

The back is an intricately balanced web of many structures including bones, discs, joints, nerves and muscles, many of which are capable of causing pain. In addition to this many structures such as nerves and muscles span over larger areas and can present as pain elsewhere in the body.

So how do we have any hope of finding your pain?

Osteopaths train extensively in anatomy and evidence-based tools of diagnosis to pin point exactly what might be the cause of your back pain and from there develop a bespoke patient centred plan of action to help you get back to pain free living.

With the aging process there are some particular cases that it is important to be aware of and when applicable seek help as soon as possible. Contact a medical professional if you experience back pain with:

– Changes to your bowel and bladder control
– Frequent night time toilet breaks
– Groin or genital numbness or numbness where you wipe
– Unexplained weight loss, fevers, weakness, vomiting, headaches and or night time sweating.
– Abdominal pain or a pulsating feeling in the back or lower stomach
– Sudden back pain over the age of 70, not relieved by bed rest and or following long term corticosteroid use.
– Feeling changes, weakness or pins and needles down both legs.

If you ever find yourself with any general concerns about back pain as you age osteopaths are here to help.

Nathan Cook
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