Today’s society is often very hectic. If we slow down a little, it is beneficial to our general wellbeing.

These thoughts are taken from a magazine I flicked through on a recent flight.
Walk barefoot on the earth. Due to the connection between the earth’s resonating frequency and our electrical nervous system this helps calm us down and reduces inflammation.

Meditate anywhere. This helps to clear the mind. Practise just for a few minutes initially.
Help your posture. Don’t sit crossed legged as this rotates our pelvis and spine in opposite directions. On a long journey, put a small pillow behind your lower back and keep both feet on the floor.

Be tech savvy. Avoid looking at the screens in the first or last hours of the day. The intensity of the light stimulates your nervous system which throws the body’s natural rhythms out of sync. Last thing at night this decreases sleep quality.
Breathe. Do five minutes of deep breathing – open up your rib cage and expand it, not just forwards but laterally and to the back. Breathing fully aids relaxation due to its effect on your nervous system.

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureSmile. Look up and out and see what’s all around you. Smiling is said to help lift your mood. Try it…… I wonder how many of you did just smile.
Joanne Hendrie-Henderson, Sports Massage Therapist