Don’t just survive the festive season. How to feel fantastic at the same time

Stress, anxiety, and depression are common during the festive season. If nothing else, reassure yourself that these feelings are normal and that you are not alone. Accepting these feelings are normal is the first step towards not acting out on them.

Stress is one of the main reasons for over eating and reaching for another glass of wine! Just being aware of what we are doing in situations like this can be the first step to making better decisions for ourselves. I call it living a bit more consciously.

Enjoy everything in moderation– it may be the season to be jolly and indulge in seasonal loveliness, but too much food and alcohol will leave you feeling low. Try everything, but one really is enough and saying ‘no thank you’ feels empowering.
Party season can mean more late nights than usual. So, on the nights you are not out on the town get enough sleep – plan for as many early nights as you can making sure you get those eight hours!

Keep up your activity levels – Try not to let your whole exercise/activity routine go to pot for what is in reality a one-day celebration. Keeping up your regular exercise routine (as much as possible) can give you the fitness and stamina to help you feel your best through the festive season.

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Be realistic – If plans don’t work out and comments are not kind, if gifts are not appreciated, help is not offered take yourself off somewhere quiet (fresh air helps) and get some perspective on it. If its not going to matter this time next year, let it go. It’s really not worth ruining a minute of your precious festive time.

Enjoy the season, get fresh air, get perspective, get enough sleep, get merry and give love!

Melina Harrison
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