Join in a national New Year’s resolution to help improve the nation’s health. Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding high sugar snacks, or being a little more physically active, join in National Obesity Awareness week and make your healthy New Year’s resolution now!

It’s no secret that our nation has an obesity epidemic that affects thousands of individuals every day. This time of year is filled with diets ads, health drinks and workout books and DVD’s. However the simplest changes to your lifestyle have the biggest impact on your general health.

Here is 5 ways to improve your general health and reduce your risk of obesity in 2020.

1. Have a glass of water every morning (helps hydrate your body)
2. If you can, walk up the stairs and don’t take the elevator or escalator
3. Try and eat more slowly, take your time! It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register your full up.
4. Swap high sugar snacks for reduced sugar versions
5. Try and consume as much of your 5 a day (or more) as possible

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