Muscle weakness

One of the most common issues is just weakness of the muscles that support the lower back. So many of us are sedentary for long periods of time during the day and muscle mass reduces rapidly when it isn’t being used. These supporting muscles act as a belt for the lower back and without them the vertebrae are vulnerable to strains and injuries. Once muscle weakness has been determined as the main cause for your back pain your osteopath can give advice on the best exercises for your back.

Laptops & technology

Don’t use a laptop on your lap! The ideal position is with the laptop on the desk with the screen raised to eye level and an additional keyboard plugged in at a lower level so the shoulders stay relaxed and the elbows are just over 90 degrees. Don’t tuck your phone between your ear and shoulder, this can cause back & shoulder pain.

It must be stressed here that the level of pain described with these conditions is relatively mild and can usually be relieved by any or all of the following – changing position, heat, movement and stretching.

If you are experiencing more severe pain or regular night pain please seek advice from your doctor.

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