It’s that time of year when keen skiers hit the slopes. Here are some tips on helping to prevent ski injuries…

1) Be prepared! The more physical preparation you can do before hitting the slopes the better. Work on strength and endurance in the legs, glutes and core.

2) Check your equipment. Make sure everything is working properly and, if necessary, have an edging tool. Ensure the bindings are set appropriately and do actually release if called upon. Ensure your helmet fits and isn’t passed its use by date.

3) Know your limits! Ski appropriate slopes at appropriate speeds. Ignore the local school kids who whiz past you at the speed of sound, that’s probably outside your capability. It’s perhaps not best to make that icy black slope the first run of the day.

4) That goes for the après ski too. About 50% of minor injuries in resorts come from après ski associated activities and they are just the reported ones.

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5) Finally, look after each other. Bear in mind that even apparently small tumbles can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Of course, we hope you stay injury free. However, if you do get a minor injury, you know where to come to get put back together!

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