In my option this saying needs to be banned! January was full of media campaigns promoting unhealthy weight loss, extreme dieting, health drinks, unrealistic exercise goals.. You name it January had it! Now we have entered February all I’m seeing is “fallen off the ban wagon” adverts!

Image: Exhausted after workoutLet me tell you

  1. Extreme dieting and food restriction DOESN’TWORK
  2. Weight loss heath drinks and Shakes DOESN’T WORK
  3. Extreme exercise not tailored to you and your lifestyle DOESN’T WORK

What does work?

  1. Small changes to your lifestyle
  2. Walking to your local shops rather than driving
  3. Drinking more water each day
  4. Having an extra portion of vegetables with your dinner
  5. During each T.V ad break,walk up and down your stairs
  6. Eat more slowly- chew your food and don’t rush

Never feel like you have “fallen off the ban wagon”, changes to your lifestyle happen in YOUR TIME. The small changes are sustainable and can be applied to everything not just weight loss. For example, limiting alcohol intake, building confidence, gaining flexibility, etc. Remember 2020 is a whole year not a month.

If you have any questions regarding this or want to book a consultation for more ideas on how to make your 2020 that little healthier, do not hesitate to ask.

Phoebe Wharton, Clinic Nutritionist