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This year salt awareness week is the 9-15th March. Many people know that a diet high in salt is bad for your health, as it can cause an increase in blood pressure which in turn increases risk of heart disease and stroke. However many people have admitted to not knowing the best way to reduce salt intake. So here are some tips:

Shop for lower salt foods:
– Compare nutrition labels when buying foods. You can significantly reduce sugar intake by swapping foods like pizza, breakfast cereals, crisps and ketchup.
– When buying tin produce (soup, beans, pulses..) make sure you go for the reduced salt/no added salt variety.
– Ready-made sauces like tomato pasta sauce can have a high salt content, so watch out for those.

Eating Out:
– Sandwiches: instead of ham or cheddar cheese, try and go for fillings such as chicken, mozzarella, egg or vegetables (roasted peppers, avocado)
– Pasta Dishes: Try and choose a tomato sauce with vegetables or chicken compared to cheese or bacon.
– Breakfast: Poached egg on toast with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms is a good option compared to a full English fry-up. Have sausages or bacon not both!

– Use black pepper, herbs and spices (Garlic, ginger, chilli and lime) for seasoning
– Make your own stock and gravy, if this isn’t possible then buy the reduced salt variety
– Try baking or roasting vegetables such as red peppers, tomatoes, courgette, fennel, parsnips and squash to bring out their flavour.

Remember: 75% of the salt we eat comes from salt added to food by the food industry, so make sure you check food labels! #saltawarenessweekNo photo description available.