Many patients who suffer from low back pain have a weak ‘posterior chain’ of muscles. These include your low back muscles, glutes and hamstrings. If these muscles are weak it can predispose them to tighten due to fatiguing. Here is a progression routine of exercises that will aim to improve their strength.

These exercises should be performed with control. You can hold them to make them more challenging. Try keep your core engaged (imagine yourself bracing your stomach to stop someone being able to poke you in the side)

Glute Bridge – With your knees bend, heels back towards you, squeeze your buttock muscles to raise your hips. Control the movement slowly.

Single Leg Glute Bridge – Raising one leg at a time out straight but make sure to not let your pelvis drop on one side as you do so.

Hamstring Bridge – By taking your feet away from you slightly, in comparison to where they are in the glute bridge, it will increase the recruitment of the hamstrings. This is an exercise used to help rehab hamstring strains towards the end of their recovery.

Hamstring Walkouts – By walking the heels up and down will both challenge the hamstrings as well as your core. Make sure to keep your pelvis from dropping.