Three exercises commonly called ‘Mcgill’s Big 3’ These exercises aim to aid with the deep abdominal muscle control and strengthening to stabilize the pelvis/low back region which provides a solid foundation for other activites.

The third exercise in this series of exercises is the Bird Dog. If you havent seen the first two then look back to find the videos ‘curl up’ and ‘side plank with bent knees’.

  • Start on all fours. Find a neural position for your low back. Not completely flat but not too arched either. Make sure your knees are positioned under your hips, and hands under shoulders.
  • You are going to push your leg out behind you at the same time as raising the opposite sides arm out straight.
  • Pull your toes towards you and think about pushing your heel away from you.
  • The important thing to maintain is the low back. You DON’T want to feel it arch as you stretch your leg and arm out.
  • Keep your tummy button pulled in towards you as you perform the exercise.
  • Hold for 5-10 seconds then bring both hand and knee back to all fours. Repeat on the other side.